Be a Patron

I just set up my Patreon page for all those supporters and fans out there who might be interested in supporting me and the various scientists who’s research I try to lift up every day in my studio. This will help me afford things like printer ink, paper, or digital hosting month to month. The big dream is to be able to even buy time for more professional help other than just burning up the phones of my current volunteers (I’ll talk more about that later).

I’ve been lucky to work with some very smart people, blessed to see this dream of making science more accessible by transforming it into comics beginning to take shape. Been a long road.

So come on by to help me do more, more efficiently. You’ll find special content as a Patron, see more behind-the-scenes info and get peeks at the view from over here, watching science turn into art.

And also see just art. I paint and draw too you know (gotta keep those creative muscles flex!). So this whole Patron-idea-thing really helps me afford things like…..paint to make paintings.

Be pretty cool to have a show, here in Nashville some time soon….😊